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One thing that’s really important to us is trust. We’ve found it’s vital for good working relationships and successful businesses.

If Google doesn’t trust your website no-one will find you.

If your potential customers don’t trust you, they’re not likely to work with you. And if they do and you fail to deliver, they probably won’t come back.

We also know that you need to trust us to deliver results before you’re going to hire us.

There’s lots of ways we work to build trust with our clients (and potential clients). One way is giving lots of value up front, and teaching you how digital marketing actually works. Got a question? We’ll answer it. Want to know why your competitors are getting more traffic and leads? We’ll tell you. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of our articles and the huge walk through videos embedded in them…

Sometimes though it just helps to see results. So here are real results we’ve got for real businesses just like yours. Along with some kinds words from our colleagues and peers in digital marketing towards the end of the page.

30% of leads now coming from organic traffic for 1/10th the cost of monthly Adwords spend

james3Jason hired us having basically no work done on his site. He wasn’t ranking for anything with more than 10 searches a month. His entire business was run on Adwords.

His site needed a major revamp. It was mostly duplicate content, call-to-actions weren’t strong. There wasn’t enough on there to get people to trust his brand.

We created a ring of social media properties around his site for trust. Used press releases. Built good links. Ranked some youtube videos for him. He is now on page one for almost 70 terms, some that are searched for many thousands of times per month. At one point we were taking up four positions on page one for his focus term: two pages from his site, his Linkedin business profile and a YouTube video.

Best yet? He now gets around 30% of his leads from organic SEO. Except he spends $10k – $15k a month on ads, and only a tenth of that on us.

Before we hired David, we had zero SEO and organic traffic. I knew it was something I needed to implement into my growing business but kept putting it off until I had a conference call with David and he explained in great detail what he can help me achieve. David quickly updated our website to be more SEO friendly as well as making it more appealing to the visitor so that conversions come easier. Since hiring David our SEO traffic is up 300 – 500%! The quality leads we’re getting from SEO now are on par with the leads we get from Google paid search. David takes the time to get very involved with your business and learn the finer details about it so that the SEO keywords he chooses are very relevant and drive great quality traffic to your site. I would highly recommend hiring David to see what he can do for you! ~ Jason


James has since hired us to work on multiple other businesses he owns, for which we have achieved similar results:

For example, we started working on this website in February and March and then started working on his SEO campaign. The site started getting traffic in April, and now receives 70 – 100 pageviews on average per day, and is ranking on page one for multiple terms.


Screenshots of traffic growth over the last year

From a business who has secured mid-five figure deals through search exposure

Honestly, I cannot praise David’s work for us highly enough. Quite simply we’ve gone from quietly plodding along to being the busiest we’ve ever been! We feel we’ve always put out a high value & high quality product but were finding it difficult to get the exposure we wanted online. We were doing a good job of converting leads that came in, but the number that came in was much lower than we needed. We knew we needed to strengthen our online presence and SEO.

With David’s work on our website and through his SEO magic, which I don’t pretend to fully understand, we went from trailing on the 1st page (or being on the 2nd and 3rd pages in google) for our key search terms, to being consistently highly visible on the first page without the need for paying for advertising. This has resulted in a massive increase in leads and conversions for our business.

David has an amazing attention to detail. He really took the time to get to know our business, what we were about, what we produce and was then able to help us better design our whole website to both better display what we have to offer and for far superior SEO.

As far as return on investments go, we haven’t made a better return on our investment as a company than recruiting the services of David Gardner. Absolutely outstanding service and results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to any person or business.

~ Darren, A very happy business owner in the film and video industry

Adding thousands in potential revenue per year through email marketing

Email list growth after working with Trust Metric. Can you tell where our marketing efforts kicked in?

I contacted David to help increase visitor conversions for my website. With about 200k pageviews a month, I had plenty of traffic, but was not retaining a substantial quantity of emails / contact information from my readership which would allow me to market my product to them down the road. David sat down with me and at great detail identified target areas on the site where visitors were leaving, helped to set up emails, special offers, and incentives that immediately increased email signup conversions, and has since led to increased revenue. Although I was familiar with many of the strategies that needed to be implemented for my business, I just did not have the time to tackle it myself, and David’s service was invaluable to this end.

~ Debra P, blogger

Got to love spikes in sign ups like that!

Local Business Growth For Brand New Website

Can we work with brand new websites? Yes. We can even build them for you if you want us too. Honestly we prefer not to try and rank sites though until they’re at least a year old – you’ll get results a lot quicker that way.

This screenshot charts the growth of organic visitors over the space of a year, about 6 months after we built the website for the local business.

What would an extra 100 website visitors a day do for your business?

20 minutes worth of free advice worth $1000+

Awhile back we were referred to Paul. Paul had previously run a multi-million online business selling info products, but was starting to build a new service-based business.

He had questions about whether SEO was the right marketing solution for the type of business he was running (we said no). He also wanted advice on optimising his site and the email marketing sequences he was putting together.

Our quote of $1200 – $1500 for a full analysis of his site and marketing strategy came in a little high for what Paul was looking for at that point. So we gave him some free advice anyway.

This was his response:


Website design and optimisation that converts

I am the owner of a new e-commerce site, while the business is growing great already I always feel that if i can improve the conversion of the business by 1% it would have a dramatic improvement to the business. I came across David and let me say I was skeptical at first, I mean after all I had employed 2 consultants prior to engage conversion analysis of and I really thought nothing else on the site could be improved. I WAS WRONG. David was able to identify some key areas of the website that could be improved (see second video on this page). His recommendations were obvious when pointed out but wasn’t something that myself or others had noticed prior. UNBELIEVABLE!

The results speak for themselves and he got me that 1% increase (well got me more). I am yet to implement all the changes he has recommended but they are coming!

I truly recommend David, his attention to detail and able to explain and pick out the “obvious” is apparent and I look forward to working with David for a long time coming.

~ Robert, E-commerce business owner

David was able to really understand the core of our business and the direction we wanted to take it. He was able to translate this into an appealing, well structured, professional website that meets our needs and that of our visitors, potential clients and customers.

I found that within days of launching our site that I was getting emails and phone calls from all over Australia. I think that David’s attention to detail and knowledge on how effective a clear web site structure is, allowed visitors to navigate their way through our site, capturing their attention and interest, enough to follow through with contacting us.

~ Sean M, Organic farmer

In starting my new business I needed to be coming up in a google search in order to attract new patients to my services. Google searches seem to be the number one way that people use to search for what they’re looking for. I realise now I had very little to no understanding of marketing using a website before I began working with you, however for some reason I thought I knew something because I was a regular user of the web myself.

Now I realise I need to present myself to the market in a way that lets them know which problems I can solve for them, the benefits of coming to see me and how I can help them, I need to do that in a few words, make it personal, get straight to the point, avoid jargon and present a call to action. And I know I need to be more specific about my perfect customer. With my marketing and communications with my customers/patients I need to keep providing them with value, give them something they will find useful, fix problems they may have in their life. But wait there’s more to marketing than just a website that ranks!

There’s skillful use of email campaigns, newsletters and social media management so more to tackle in the future. I now have better understanding of what goes into website design, and a better understanding of digital marketing, way more than I expected! Once the box is opened look out!!

~ Natalie, Acupuncurist

Clarifying branding and digital marketing approach

Before working with David I felt overwhelmed by all the marketing advice and information I was getting, and to be honest there were a lot of terms that I didn’t understand such as SEO and inbound marketing. I knew I needed to do something to grow my business, but wasn’t sure where to start. Working with David over a few months I have become a lot clearer on the product I am selling, and the audience I am attracting. Through our coaching sessions I have become clearer on what products and ideal clients I want, and more importantly the ones that are taking up my time with little financial gain or even thanks. As a result I have now developed two distinct brand offerings – one more transactional and one more strategic. I have been able to develop two very different marketing approaches including websites for the two brands. I am excited about the future and believe I can target my marketing in a much more focussed way, hopefully getting meaningful results in a much shorter space of time.

~ Jayne, Self-employed HR advisor

Kind words from my peers

David is one of my go-to guys whenever I need advice or ideas. He’s an exceptional, forward-thinking digital marketer and is always willing to spend time sharing his knowledge with others.
~ Sam, Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve worked with David on numerous projects for my content marketing business over the years. From setting up SEO strategies to building out entire websites and marketing plans, David has always come through on budget, on time, and altogether exceeded expectations. Highly recommended!
~ Jacob, Content Marketing Manager

I’ve known David for almost ten years and regard him as one of the most reliable and trustworthy people I know, so I didn’t hesitate to hire him when it came to building my website from scratch. I didn’t have a clue how to go about it, but his knowledge of design and digital marketing has helped me establish my business in a super strong way. I’ll be utilising his services again as soon as possible!
~ Joe, Video Marketer

It’s funny, the more I’ve worked in digital marketing, and performance marketing in general, the more distrusting and cynical I’ve become with who I work with on campaigns. With David I know I’m going to get honest feedback and a crystal clear strategy when I need it. One of those marketers that you’ll use once and want to hire after month one. Highly recommended.
~ Harry, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

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