David has a really keen eye for detail and he gets really involved with understanding your site and business, how they work and what they’re trying to achieve. He also has a strong understanding of technical search engine optimisation. These factors combined allow him to make solid suggestions that will help to improve the organic traffic to the site (through SEO) and it’s usability from a visitor perspective, as well as helping to plan and execute overall marketing strategy. There were a number of usability and SEO issues with our site that David picked up and fixed when he started working on the project. It definitely helps for this project that he has his own self managed super fund too, as that’s what our site is all about!
~ Gareth, SMSFMate.com.au

A Quick Update

This is a quick update just to let everyone know I’m still alive! I’ve been quietly working on client projects and neglecting my own site ūüôā

How to Play Google’s Game (and Win)

When I was growing up, I apparently didn’t pay much attention when my Dad was showing me how to do stuff on my car. Now when I look under the hood for anything more than checking the oil, all I achieve is getting confused.

I imagine that’s how a lot of people feel when they look at their competitor’s sites getting lots of Google love, while they’re stuck on page¬†4, 7 … 20. Especially when there’s articles floating around that say there are more than 200 factors Google takes into account when ranking sites.

Well, yeah, there are. But for most search verticals¬†there’s less than 10 that really count.

But 10 is still a lot if you don’t know where to begin.

If that’s you, then this video will point you in the right direction.

In it I¬†look at real sites to show you just why they’re highly visible in Google.

I cover:

  • What does and doesn’t Google like
  • The difference between ads, organic and map listings
  • What causes a site to rank and why some don’t (there’s a lot to go into here)
  • How to tell if you’ve received a penalty (either manual or algorithmic); and
  • How long it could take to see results from your SEO efforts.

By the end of the video you’ll be on the way to being an SEO pro (or at least know how not to get the wool pulled over your eyes by people who pretend to be)…

Quick Changes to Your Website to Convert More Visitors into Customers

Do you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up for your site? If not, install them as soon as you can. Tonnes of useful information.

Like seeing that you’re getting traffic, but that visitors all leave your site in under 10 seconds. Or that none of your visitors are converting into calls, emails, or filled out forms.

If that’s you, you might be wondering what’s going on…

Chances are your website is not set up to convert visitors into enquiries.

What does that mean? Possibly that:

  • Your copy is too business-centric and not focussed enough on¬†problem-solving the needs of your prospective customers or clients
  • Your site is overwhelming and confusing
  • You have¬†weak (or no) calls-to-action
  • Your website isn’t responsive or takes way too long to load and annoys people
  • There’s nothing on there to build trust
  • People hit your site and don’t know what¬†they’re supposed to do

The list doesn’t just stop there though…

How to see where your competitors are getting their customers and clients online

Ever wished you had a magic mirror that could look into your competitors marketing strategy and tell you how to be the fairest of them all (or is that just a really weird analogy..)?

No magic mirror required. There’s software that will do that for you!

In this video I break down how to reverse engineer your competitor’s digital marketing strategy¬†using free or trial software so you can do it yourself if you want too.

After watching this video you’ll know:

  • How to find where your competitors have their businesses listed and linked to online
  • How to tell if your competitors are running ads (along with seeing how much they’re spending, what keywords they’re bidding on, and the exact ad copy they’re using)
  • Whether their social media marketing is bringing them any customers
  • How to tell what keywords your competitors are ranking for and how much organic traffic they are getting
  • How to tell where they’re getting their referral traffic

Sound good?

Let’s go!

(But first, a tip to save you some time)

Life is crazy busy and your time is valuable, so I don’t want to waste it.

For that reason I added a kind of contents below the video with time stamps. That way you can watch the bits you’re interested in and skip everything else.

If you want to watch the whole thing though, here’s a tip to make it lots quicker:

On the youtube video, click on the little cog icon in the bottom right hand corner. In the pop up, choose “Speed”, then in the Speed options choose 1.5 times or 2 times faster.

It’s kind of like speed reading for video. You’ll be surprised how good your retention of info is even at double speed (and no, it won’t make me sound like a chipmunk..)!

How to Calculate Potential ROI on Digital Marketing Spend

If you’ve ever considered paying to outsource your marketing (read this post if you’re not sure whether or not that’s a good idea) one of your main concerns is likely ROI.

Will you get a return on investment from the money you’re putting in?

Or will you just be washing it down the drain?

Rest assured that if it’s done right, outsourcing your digital marketing doesn’t cost anything. In fact, it pays you instead.

It’s the closest you’ll ever get to planting a money tree. Or having your own ATM.

How do I know? Just hear what our clients have to say¬†ūüėČ

In this video I walk you through the exact ROI calculator we use with potential clients to determine whether working with us for their marketing campaign would be financially viable.

I also discuss how to figure out what search volume your ideal search terms are likely to get on a month-to-month basis, along with how to know which terms would be profitable to go after in the first place.

How to Tell If You Should Be Doing Your Own Marketing (Don’t Worry, It’s Easy)

Get paid to outsource your marketing…

One really cool thing about digital / inbound marketing is that¬†if it’s done right it’s better than free.

In fact, it can pay for itself many times over each and every month, while at the same time letting you focus on what you’re best at in your business.

Think of it like this:

If I showed you an ATM that you could (legally) get $5 out of each time you put $1 in, how many dollars would you put into it?

I hope your answer is every single one that you own ūüôā

If you work with us, that’s what we aim to be. An ATM machine that spits out $2, $3, $5, $10 dollars for every one you put into your monthly marketing campaign.

Here’s the tricky thing though: